Hot Springs

Morere Hot Springs: The Thermal Pools

“Stretch out and relax as your body soaks in the natural and therapeutic waters of Morere Hot Springs.”

A proudly maintained complex of hot and cool pools set in a rare native rainforest reserve.


The natural, healing hot water at Morere is sometimes referred to as “fossilised seawater” as it has travelled for many thousands of years before bubbling its way out of the ground beneath the adjacent rainforest. With a history going back to the 1890s the Morere Hot Springs complex has been modernised over the years but the pools remain secluded, beautiful and unaffected by commercialism. There are a total of eight pools – two private plunge pools, three open-air plunge pools of varying temperatures, a large hot and a large cold pool and a small children’s paddling pool. It is an all year-round attraction set in a scenic bush reserve of lush, lowland rain forest.

Outdoor cold pool

The Morere Hot Springs’ 20-metre outdoor recreational cold pool (above) is set in a safely fenced and tiled complex close to the entrance with a large, calf-deep children’s paddling pool alongside. The cold pools are popular in summer when people feel the need to cool off after enjoying the heated waters. In the same enclosure, but undercover, with bi-fold doors that open to let in the ambience of the adjacent rainforest, is a large indoor heated pool. (Picture below).

indoor2 (640x449)There are two private hot pools alongside the main Morere Hot Springs complex that allow for secluded bathing (see picture below) but are open on one side to look out across the Mangatawa Stream, letting in the rainforest. And five minutes walk into the bush there are the unique Nikau pools (see picture at top of this page). Surrounded by virgin rainforest these pools comprise two hot pools, one slightly hotter than the other and a cold plunge pool. Note: Wear your shoes when walking up to the Nikau Pools. The path can be tough on soft feet after bathing in the hot pools.

privates (442x640)The Hot Springs open every day at 10am. Only exception is the 25 December and in the event of storm damage. Closing time varies from 5pm in the winter to 8.30pm through the summer holidays. Late access by arrangement. The hot and highly therapeutic waters have extra value during the cold winter months. It is a time for local regulars to enjoy the springs in tranquillity. A moonlit soak in the steaming Nikau Pools at Morere Hot Springs (below), surrounded by dripping rainforest in mid-winter, is a magic experience.


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